Nicki Bove and Her Band live at the Crocodile Rock Cafe


Hey What’s Hap’nin My Peeps,

The elix-r crew will be headed back east for a special gig in Pennsylvania later this week!  On March 13th, Nicki Bove and Her Band (A bunch of High Brow, gifted Berklee College of Music Upperclassmen) are performing with Jeffrey Gaines at the Crocodile Rock Cafe (just a bit northwest of Philly in Allentown, PA)  Ms. Bove and Band are coming off of a strong run of major performances along the North Eastern Seaboard (including opening for Girl Talk in front of 15,000 last month in Conneticut). East Coasters should check for them in your area, as this Bean Town Bunch are about to stir up some gossip at shows like Cafe 939 on March 25th i

n Boston.

I’ll let you peep the info, links and over on the left side, but this will be a fantastic show.  Can’t wait to hop on LAX (which is short shot South from the crib) and touch down in our hometown airport, Philadelphia International baby.  Maybe snag a quick cheesteak and then head south on I95 for a family reunion of sorts.  Should be a blast…I need it.  Gotta get outta town and recharge sometimes…kiss you mom, hug your grandma, talk smack w/ your pops and cousins…you know the drill.  I’ll holla back this weekend.

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