Nobody Famous: The Making of “Order Up! Vol. 3”



Ayo, so by homey Reggie Perry, aka “Nobody Famous” is doing his thang once again with the next installment of the “Order Up!” series. Vol. 3 is about to drop and it’s gonna bang hard this spring and summer for sure! NoFame came through for a nice BBQ down here in Venice, and as usual, popped in a couple new joints to get that Elix-R Laboratory stamp of approval. Man, after that Listening Session, we had to stamp the sneak preview of “Order Up: Vol 3” like the secretary of state’s passport! Enough talk, let the man let you know what time it is…..peep his vlog entry…


And here’s a lil sneak peak of another hot collabo from Nobody Famous and Wax for the “Order Up” Vol. 3:

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