Cook Classics: NEW CLASSICS

What’s Crackin’ Friends and Foes, Lovas and Hatas, Playas and Playettes!

As most of you may know, I love to support and promote 2 of Cali’s finest producers (and my homies), Cook Classics and Nobody Famous.  Since I broke you off a preview of that NoFame a few weeks back, it’s now time to introduce you to Cook Classics!  This LA by way of NYC producer is one of the illest dudes to ever touch the Roland MV!  I’m sure RZA would like to hear that for sure!  This producer, enginneer is a stuido rat by profession and love.  I’ve had the honors to link and build with him in 2008, and now he just completed a wicked mixtape with  Enough words, check out the video below.  Also, be sure to cop that new mixtape…it’s LARGE!!

1 thought on “Cook Classics: NEW CLASSICS

  1. that Cook Classics track is off the hizzie! very dope…

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