MJJ: Michael Joseph Jackson–The Greatest Entertainer


Michael Jackson Thriller
Michael Jackson Thriller

Yes, I am posting my MJ piece today. I don’t care who’s sick of hearing about MJ. Anyone who was blog-blabbling yesterday may not really be a michael jackson fan. they are just reporting news and keeping up with the Joneses.

Real Michael Jackson fans were out yesterday, in shock, looking for one another for comfort on the streets. We were out yesterday celebrating the life and times of Michael Jackson. We were out at the Apollo in NYC (home to one of the Jackson’s earlierst historical performances). We were out in Hollywood, congregating around his star on the walk of fame. We were out on Sunset blvd, grooving to the break of dawn to endless blended hits from his catalogue.

Even Stone’s Throw Records President & DJ, Peanut Butter Wolf, added a futuristic VJ set of unbelievable MJ highlight clips. We were out in droves, in your town, in your state, city, in your suburb, in your country, in every corner of the earth……all to pay homage and well wishes to the whole Jackson family.

Lots of people think we are wacky. Lots of people believe that we are as wacky as Wacko Jacko. It’s funny how this man, this God’s Son, this Iconic World Figure has been defined by his court cases and actions off the stage in the last 1.5 decades. What about the other 3.5 decades, where this man changed the face of music, dancing, and better yet…..UNIVERSAL HARMONY.

YoungMJYou don’t throw on a MJ song to get pumped before a drive by, or pumped before you do somethingnegative, you groove and jam to MJ songs with the largest smile on your face and the wooziest natural highs you’ve ever had sober. You want to make love, or dance, or impress that girl/guy you have your eye on. You find peace, hope, and most importantly, harmony in his voice and performances. This man was larger than any Politician, and Religious figure (living), any Performer throughout the world.

This is an American KING. This is one of the most creative and gifted human beings to ever grace the earth. He has shaped our WORLD CULTURE in ways that we can’t even fully comprehend yet.

Man, I’m so saddened and stunned that the best vocal/dance/songwriting talent in the world has left us at such an early age, just as he was heading out of the valley of darkness back to the light that shines the brightest. I can babble on for days, especially as a musician and artist. I don’t think I would’ve picked up an instrument, danced my first slowjam at the Junior High Prom, etc if it wasn’t for this man. I’m still trying to make my “Off The Wall” solo album…20 years later…

But let me step down from my soapbox and put on my sparkly socks and penny loafers one last time.

There’s a piece of Michael Jackson in each and every one of us.

-Damon R. Howard

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