Cari Welischar’s African Sabbatical: Help a Sista out!

Ayo World,

Just a quick note to all those looking for charitable givings, which are tax write-offs.  My friend Cari is taking a sabbatical in Africa for a great cause.  Check out the video and see Cari’s details below.  It’s all about giving.

Thank you kindly,

The SwitchFlip Staff


Dear Friends,
Believe me, I understand, money is tight right now… for everyone. We’re in a recession. It stinks. What makes it worse is there are still people around the world that need our help.

Believe it or not things will turn around for us here in the US.  And when you look back wouldn’t it be cool to say… “when times were bad I still helped the poorest of the poor. I helped orphans.”

These classrooms that will be built will be the beginning of great things. A place where great leaders will be mended… Maybe, the future President of Uganda that will change the entire country or the person who will find a cure for AIDS.  Come on, that has to get you excited. I need your help to make this possible. Please go to the  website below for more information and give whatever you can.  Big or small it doesn’t matter. Just please check out the website and pray for myself.  Also, please share this with everyone you know.

As of right now I have raised 1,100 – meaning I still have 2,400.00 left to raise. I know it seems like it can’t be done, but anything is possible when you work together and put it into God’s hands. I trust that anything that I am called to do, God won’t disappoint me and leave me stranded.

Please, help make this dream become reality!

Thank you for everything & taking the time to read this email.

To contact me for charitable donations, please feel free to send checks payable to:

12800 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607
“Cari Welischar”

or reach me via email:

Have a beautiful day!
Cari Welischar
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