Jamiroquai – Black Capricorn Day (J. Dilla Remix)

Happy Holidays World!

Sorry, we’ve been short staffed here at the brand new Switchflip Headquarters..lol…but we are back and on point like a sniper here in Venice Beach. There’s been lot’s going on this month!  We’ve been firing on “all cylinders” again….great to “rev up” such a beastly engine! DJ Zambezi (aka iPizzle) took over hotel clubs and holiday formals from Marina Del Rey to Manhattan Beach (photos circulating, and more to come), and lots of exciting things happening in the internet marketing side of business.

Now that the holiday chill time is near….let’s get back to spinnin’ some Digital Audio-Visual platters for you during these times of celebration!

Here’s two of my faves, Jamiroquai and J.Dilla on an unofficial remix of Black Capricorn Day. I’m a stickler for true Lyrics n Beats.  Sorry not too holiday-like..but you get that all day right now.. I’ll get to some “seasonal” stuff probably..but it won’t be conventional..

Tis the Season, Y’all!

-The Switchflip Staff

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