Little Boots: Electro-pop Gadget Girl and “Remedy”

Ayo World!

I hope all is well and everyone’s had a relaxing weekend.  It’s shaping up to be  a warm football sunday over here in Venice, so let me be brief w/ this entry….

Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots is a techie musical monster! This little cutie is doing her thang mixing her distinctive  style…power to the Midi Movement…way up my alley! I was privaleged to catch her early fall here in LA and been waiting for her to blow over here Stateside.

Very original approach to making and performing her music.  Peep her out..I’ll post the interview and the video.  One of her latest singles is called “Remedy“. Most of you know how I love my Brit Pop..and now I have a new “Labrat” to jones  on…aw yeah!

ZAMBEZI thevenicemenace


Little Boots “Remedy”

1 thought on “Little Boots: Electro-pop Gadget Girl and “Remedy”

  1. Ok, I was on the fence about her until I saw the interview. Good shit…

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