Genesis Ian: Karnivore Remix

Whatuppers World!

Happy Friday! It’s raining cats n dogs here in LA.  It can’t stop the Switchflip Shine though, you know how we roll.  I’m about to “Ark Jack” Noah and cruise on down to my local spot to “wet my whistle” regardless!

This Blog post will be the first of a few by my homie Genesis Ian.  He’s a sick musician, producer and songwriter that I had the privelage of gracing the stage with back in the day (Comet Vs. Planet). We are supporting his new release on iTunes calledKarnivore: Episode 1: The Hunt.

Hey Westside–Switchflip will be bringing Genesis and the LabRatz/Cool PPL crew to you very soon….the new Switchflip shows are about to raid The WestSide (Venice/SM/Southbay).

Get familiar w/ my man Genesis Ian.  You heard it here first~!

Deuces n Hearts,

ZAMBEZI thevenicemenace

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