100 akres production–Relatives Abroad (Nas & Bob Mashup)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Shout out to 100 Akres Productions for puttin’ out a slammin’ mashup called “Relatives Abroad“.  At the helm of 100 Akres is producer FreshNerd.  Hailing from the UK by way of LA/MIA, FreshNerd and 100 Akres have been making waves in the blogosphere and r&b production circuit.

What’s special about this one is that FreshNerd’s musician father is  of Jamaican descent and  was actually an ole school yard soccer buddy of  Robert “Nesta” Marley…….yes…THE Bob Marley.

click image for music

This 100 Akres production consists of various Nas acapellas over beats containing samples from Bob Marley’s “Uprising album.  Catch it for “Free.99” while you can at the link in the image above.

Look out for a late spring collaboration from 100 Akres and SwitchFlip…talks about a single have been floating around…will probably be a spring banger!

‘Nuff said, Spark it and Zone Out, bumbleclots!


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