Embeddedin.la–Sun Chips Commercial “Growing Green Love”

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Lots going on in the Switchflip world…shifting gears, etc.  Sorry for lack of posts this week. No excuse because most are already done and set for timed release, but we’ve been busy.

Embeddedin.LA approached us to collaborate on a TV commercial/ Viral Promo, which was submitted and accepted by Current TV. This :30 second spot is for SunChips, and it’s legit. That’s all I can say for right now, but keep your fingers crossed!

You now how we do…our grind is Local, National, and Global, yo!

Shout out to Making Moves Morales (Jonas Morales, director) and the Embeddedin.LA staff….really professional and creative!  Cybil Weigel, Matt Mckissick & Aaron Novak…..superb job…Let’s get it!

Click the image below and Scroll down to video player.

To maximize screen, click the “X” looking thingy on the Vimeo site and send me your feedback!

More info to come….

Have a great weekend!


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