Reflection Eternal f/ J. Cole, Jay Electronica & Mos Def: “Just Begun” just be

Whatsdascience Whurl,

Yo this is Hip Hop. Straight up and down like 6 o’clock on the dial!

Reflection Eternal is Talib Kweli & Hi-TekJ. Cole and Jay Electronica are the leaders of the new’ll hear about him soon if you haven’t already. And of course…the Mighty Mos Def makes the cypher complete! All you half ass rappers should be really scared…these guys are goin’ for it.

Talib Kweli is still easily in the top lyricists of all time…check it:

“-Steady the Flow, ready to blow, like snotty tissues…they snitchin like Donnie Brisco and countin like Monte Cristo,

-The ghetto full of betrayal like Iago and Othello, Your fellow neighbor will slay you, theyll smoke you like cigarellos.

-Police, want that info, theyll grill em like portabellos, I’m murderin instrumentals cause I rap with the conscience..” (t.kweli)


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