The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony Mashup (Eminem + Jay-Z)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

SwitchFlip is proud to announce that we will be steppin’ up our game over the holidays and preparing for a big 2011!  We will concentrate on the music/film side, and of course the internet marketing will be poppin as usual. More details to come..stay tuned!

As we prepare for liftoff, let’s take it back…and forward with appropriate mashups. Peep  these Jigga and Em  mixes of The Verve’sBittersweet Symphony”.  This is one of the greatest tracks of all time, so it’s appropriate to have the big dogs spit the Gospel over this anthem!

The Weekend is Here…Let’s GET IT~


Jay-Z – Bittersweet Dirt off your Shoulder (ft. The Verve) (HD)

Lose Yourself (Bittersweet Symphony Remix)



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