Director Jonas Morales and Embeddedin.LA: Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial Airs Nationally Tonight!

WhatitDo Wurld!


We Won!!! Remember the Sunchips Commercial?  Well, the Same Crew (Director Jonas Morales & Embeddedin.LA) were chosen as the Winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 60 second spot called “Always There 4 U“.  The commercial will air nationally tonight (Thurs Jan 20, 2010) on Current TV! Yes, ex-US President Al Gore’s Current TV.  This is on your cable everywhere, and channel listings are provided in the image below.


Check it out when you get a moment!   Click image and/or the link below.  This was literally shot in our backyard (Venice Beach) on a sunday afternoon.


Congrats to Jonas “Making Moves” Morales and the Embeddedin.LA Team!  Thanks each and every one of you for your comments and checking out the spot a few weeks back.  We appreciate the LOVE!!




CURRENT TV ONLINE (click this link)





Current TV Cable Channels in Your Area!

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