Duran Duran : Billboard.com Interview

Whatitdo My Lovelies,

Shout out to my “old skewl” east coast schoolmate M. Tye Comer over at Billboard.com for this insightful interview of a highly rejuvenated Duran Duran.  The new record is a true “return to form” for all your DD heads out there. Producer Mark Ronson brought them back to that “Rio” sound most of us love…and plenty of us hate to admit we dig (lol).

New Heads, they’re even talk about working w/ Kanye West in the future! ‘Ye better take that call if it comes in, no doubt.   Check out the rest of Mr. Comer’s interviews here at Billboard.com (click).


Duran Duran at SXSW
Duran Duran at SXSW (click for interview)

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