The Situation: Can’t Relate & Pill Box Locket

In proper R.I.P. fashion, we want to “pour” some respect out to one of our closest brothers/friends/bandmates, Christopher Michael Tucker.  It’s hard to believe that 3 years have past, as your spirit is still strong and shining prominently.  Here’s a rare 2003 video shot by Jonathan Friese for The Situation’s “Can’t Relate” off of The Reece Nasty EP.  Salute to The Situation and my dear bro CMT.  We still can’t relate that you aren’t here on this earth raisin’ creative hell.


The Situation "Can't Relate"

Here’s some bonus love: “Pill Box Locket” live WXPN Philly show (Broad & Walnut) from their 2006 full length albumThe Situation

The Situation "Pill Box Locket"

2 thoughts on “The Situation: Can’t Relate & Pill Box Locket

  1. I miss that idiot. A lot

    1. yeah man. yeah. I did a lot of “digging in the crates” of his catalog these last 2 weeks. I may polish off some of his Meme material..

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