Childish Gambino: Heartbeat & Bonfire

Whatitdo Wurld,

Donald Glover is a fairly well know triple threat that somehow still flies slightly under radar: Actor/Comedian (Community and Derrick Comedy)Writer (30 Rock and The Daily Show), and Musician/Singer (aka Childish Gambino and mcDJ).  After a string of digital mixtapes, EPs, etc, Childish Gambino finally dropped a proper debut album on Glassnote Records entitled “Camp” in late 2011.  His first single “Bonfire” garnered some great press and acclaim via blogs and music message boards.  Now we see Donald utilizing more of his acting chops in his latest single “Heartbeat“.  Although the song has a real catchy hook (which will definitely get loads of remix treatment over the next month or so), the actual video for this song doesn’t do this promising lyricist great justice.  We get the message behind the video, but SwitchFlip has really high hopes for this deeply talented individual.  We included “Bonfire” below as well, so you can get familiar with Gambino’s style.  Keep you eye out on Mr. Glover this year for sure!

SwitchFlip Media

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