Busta Rhymes: Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Busta Rhymes is most definitely one of the most unique and hottest MCs ever to spit on the mic. SwitchFlip has much respect for this veteran MCs journey from his first group L.O.N.S., to being a solo artist.  It seems that he’s had a rebirth of sorts with all his successful collabos and guest features on these new school MCs’ albums.  Only problem (for them) is that he’s blazing his 16-32 bars and becoming the spotlight on their tracks!  More than likely frustrated with his last 2 label situations at Aftermath, then Universal Motown, he has now secured a Cash Money four-album contract.  Looks like Birdman and Lil Wayne are trying to fluff up the label w/ a few veterans to make it extra legit.  Bussa Bus also inked a one-off  with Google Music (it’s the search engine’s new musical distribution and media venture).  We can expect the rejuvenated Rhymes to release “E.L.E. 2: End of the World” this spring!  Now, here’s more “collabo juice” with his award winning partner, C-Breezy.  Look at him now…


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