St. Lucia: We Got It Wrong

Wussdascience Wurld,

Jean-Philip Grobler (aka St. Lucia) has officially signed to Neon Gold Records!  The South African Native definitely has his own distinct take on dance music.  After “coming of age” in the UK and NYC, the Brooklynite is about to drop his debut EP later this month.  The vocalist-producer-instrumentalist has been treacherously remixing for the likes of Club Feet, Charlie XCX and even Foster The People.  Riding a high from St. Lucia’s residency at Pianos last month, we are keeping an eye out on new releases as he builds his blend of upbeat African rhythms and futuristic electro-synth wall of sound.  Click the first image below for his official “We Got It Wrong” video release.  We’ve also included a remix version below (it’s cool to see a remix producer get his own songs remixed).  #SwitchFlip Certified fo shizzle, my nizzles.

-SwitchFlip Media

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