White Flight – Dream Lover and Panther

Whatitdo Wurld,

White Flight is an eclectic art-rock project by Justin Roelofs, former songwriter/guitarist for The Anniversary.  Originally from Kansas, Justin’s travels to Peruvian Jungles, Hawaii and New Zealand churned out a solo art project named White Flight.  Although this is not new (nor is it an “active” band), we find these songs from the 2-5 year old project pretty interesting.  Bright and hallucinogenic in sound, the album was not recorded for touring purposes nor “band-collective” fame.  Range Life Records distributed it via Saddle Creek Records as download only, and it basically fell off the face of cyberspace until “Panther” was released in 2010.  Justin is based out of Kauai, Aoteroa & New Zealand these days, so don’t hold your breath to see a live performance of these tunes.  However, If you like electronic hippy music, then this is for you.  SwitchFlip Media’s blog is not just about “new” bands/music to report on, it’s about quality art and a vibe that remains consistent over time.  We will continue to offer you “unearthed gems” as well as what’s “hot off the presses”.  Let us know what you think.


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