LMFAO: Sorry For Party Rocking (RMX)

Bredren & Sistas,

Woah, this is pretty amazing.  We wanted to wait until the “Sorry For Party Rocking” video was out for a month to see if they could reach 50 Million Youtube views in that timeframe.  In less than 6 weeks, LMFAO has done it again.  These “Party Rockers” are pretty much a household name by now (landing featured performances at Dick Clark’s NYE party and Superbowl XLVI ).  Besides clever teen or college party club bangers, this duo of RedFoo and SkyBlu have taken the world by storm with their highly successful marketing & branding campaigns (apparel, glasses, iPhone DJ apps, automotive car sponsors etc).  SwitchFlip was fortunate enough to work on their latest epic video, which was directed by Mikey Finnegan  and assistant directed by our own affiliate Jonas “Making Moves” Morales.  We were fortunate to work with Mr. Morales’s team on this epic house party gig.   This title track video for their second album was shot at Universal Studios in LA.  Love’em or Hate’em, these mega branding geniuses have utilized social media to it’s fullest, and have gathered over 225 Million views for the Venice Beach video “Sexy and I know It.”  Their “Party Rock Anthem” video is just barely a year old and it’s reached 418 Million views.  Interscope Records has a serious machine rollin’ with these zany cats.  They are a perfect case study for the power of Internet Marketing and Social Media#SwitchFlipCertified.  Be sure to snag a copy of the remixes by clicking on the image above.  We Work Out!

-SwitchFlip Media



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