Prodigy – Gangsta Love Ft. Esther

Whatsdascience Wurld,

Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy releases the first video “Gangsta Love” for his upcoming solo album HNIC3 hitting cyberstores on July 3rd.  Surprisingly a smooth video for the well known “keep it throrough” hardcore MC, we find Prodigy kicking it for the ladies on this one.  There’s been rumors that P and Havoc (the other half and producer of Mobb Deep) are twitter beefing.  However we are certain all will be well with the longtime partners this summer so we get that anticpated full length M.O.B.B. record this fall.  As always, Illuminati P delivers strong bars but we aren’t sold on Esther’s delivery of the hook.  Regardless, all real hip hop fans will enjoy the fact that we get the new “post-prison” Prodigy HNIC installment soon enough!  You can get this single here.  Let us know what you think about this flick…does it represent P and Mobb Deep or not?

-SwitchFlip Media

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