Justin Bieber: As Long As You Love Me

Happy Friday Earthlings,

SwitchFlip is proud to have worked with Island Def Jam and Black Hand Cinema on this monster video. Yes, it’s Justin Bieber. The 18-year old megastar has been working on his acting chops and has even teamed up with Mark Wahlberg in an upcoming basketball movie. You can see Justin get into his role here in the video, which was directed by the undisputed music video king Anthony Mandler. Shout out to Jonas “Making Moves” Morales, the assistant director for using our services in the making of this epic video. Besides getting to meet Michael Madsen (Kill Bill, Resevoir Dogs) and tossing the acclaimed actor fresh cigarettes in between takes, SwitchFlip‘s role on the complex job was enlightening for certain. The music “mini-film” was shot downtown Los Angeles, City Hall, and at an old convent/mansion in Silver Lake. The official video was released just a week ago and already has over 18 million views! Proves that there’s an army of “Beliebers” worldwide that will continue to support the young singer/actor in all of his upcoming endeavors.

-SwitchFlip Media

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