Lupe Fiasco: Bitch Bad

Happy Friday Earthlings,

Lupe Fiasco is at it again with this very clever video for his new single “Bitch Bad” off of the highly anticipated album Food & Liquor II.  The new album (scheduled to hit online and physical stores Sept 25th) is his fourth major label release, yet still serves as the proper marketing sequel to his critically acclaimed debut album Food & Liquor.  Lupe states in an interview that F&L2’s subtitle is really the album’s moniker (Great American Rap Album Pt.1).  Slated to be a double album initially, a Great American Rap Album pt. 2 will follow up in early 2013.  At any rate, the new single’s lyrics chronicle the complex view of the word “bitch” and how it pertains to women in various context.  Video director Gil Green stories the dichotomy in “Acts”, as if it is a film or play dipped in black diaspora and self degradation.  Lupe commands the listener and viewer to “think” about the strong message without being overtly preachy.  Although the racy content of “Bitch Bad” has met mixed critical reviews, it’s wonderful to witness true Hip Hop resurrected in a thought provoking format.  Cheers to Lupe Fiasco for always riding the fine line of entertainment with food for thought.  Let us know what you think about the video and it’s content.

-SwitchFlip Media

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