The XX: Coexist (album stream)

Happy Friday Earthlings,

The wait is just about over for The XX album, Coexist, which hits shelves next week.  Their sophomore release continues their blazoned path in style and formula. SwitchFlip‘s standout tracklist is as follows: Angels (current single), Reunion (crushing 2nd half of song), Unfold, Sunset, Tides (perfect harmony intro) and Swept Away (potential remix club-banger).  However, the full album plays well straight through and has potential to be a top indie album of 2012.  For all the real “XX” heads, you can preorder the album here.  You can stream the album by clicking the image of the globe below, which takes you to an interactive streaming tool that displays how viral the shared stream is geographically. #SwitchFlipCertified.  Let us know what you think about Coexist!

-SwitchFlip Media

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