DE5TRO: Genesis Ian Intervew

Comrades and Confidantes,

SwitchFlip is honored to introduce Genesis Ian and his new band De5tro to you.  If you haven’t heard any of Genesis Ians work over the last 5 years, you certainly will real soon!  The multi-talented instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer has been rather prolific over the last decade.  De5tro is a band project w/ seasoned veterans whose fusion of electronic reggae rock (coined “Rockstep”) will most definitely take off by early 2013. Their debut single Karnivore features the classic golden era hip hop icon Redman (yes, Reggie Noble the original Funk Doc himself…from “Red & Meth”).  We sat down with Genesis and asked 10 engaging questions gaining insight to his new band and their mission to control your eardrums and digital airwaves.

SF: Who is Genesis Ian? Yeah, go ahead and describe yourself in third person.

GI:  Haha! He’s some dude that sings in L.A.  G.I. is a singer / artist / multi-instrumentalist / music producer whom had a nomadic lifestyle embodied in his persona and sound.

SF: How long have you been playing, how many instruments do you play and are you a better studio rat or live cat?

GI: For 20 yrs and I play Drums, keys, sitar, banjo, guitar, bass, cello, & vocals.  I think performing live is my favorite.  During live performances I play guitar and sing.  However I enjoy the drums best because feels good to get all that stress out of you!  But in the studio i’m a hermit so i love vocals..

SF: What are some of the more popular/famous artists you’ve worked with in the past 10 years

GI: Seal, Busta Rhymes, Nate Dogg, Spliff Star, Rah Digga, and Redman to name a few..

SF: What is De5tro..a project or band? How does this differ from your previous “outfits” or you as a solo artist?

GI: This is more of a tribute to the post punk / reggae era infused with electronica.. In short it’s a “rock step” live band.  Genesis Ian the solo artist is my Al Green / acoustic mode and De5tro is the party mode!

SF: How did you come up w/ the name De5tro?  We like it…is it from G.I. Joe?  You know, Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, who was down w/ Cobra (bad guys).  That would be rad, since your initials are G.I.! Lol…#switchflipisclever haha!

GI: I used to joke around and make that Snake Eyes voice saying “Destro”  for so many years.. When we were close to finishing our album we discovered that the name NRG (which was our band’s name then) was already taken.. plus they did some of the Transformers soundtrack so we can’t really compete with that.  So I scrambled for 2 weeks finding a name… in frustration going back to the habit of saying “destro” that’s when I realized it was no coincidence haha! I looked up the definition; Destro means to be “right footed” and “opportunity” so that was it!

SF: How did your group come together and what can we expect from De5tro?

GI: To make a long story short it all came in full circle.  I met our drummer Dion Neuble here in L.A. thru Busta Rhymes’ camp, then met Toly Ramirez (our bassist from Chile) after 3 yrs of finding the right one, then re-united with our latest member Jona Reed whom I used to be in bands with back on the east coast.  These guys are the most talented friends I know.  I’m very blessed to have them on board.  The whole band produces music as well so it helps tremendously!  From De5tro expect to have a band that thrives on rock/electro while keeping it’s foundation down with reggae and post punk music. We are working on the full length album and it’s coming along so far so good!

SF: Speaking of working with well respected classic Hip Hop artists, you actually have Redman on the lead single “Karnivore“!  When this huge single hits this fall, what’s the plan for 2013?

GI: With the notoriety of Redman on our first single, and music video we hope it pans out well for 2013.  We’re def planning on opening for bigger acts that has the same genres.  There’s good news that’s pending as far as world wide distribution so for now we’re crossing our fingers.  Either way we’d still be making music…we do this cause we love it.  But to tour the world that would be a dream come true.  I believe once we’re exposed to our true fans they are the once that will carry this amazing band.

SF: We assume De5tro is apart of XOL Entertainment. Are you going for a major label? Where will you begin showcasing and playing/touring this fall?

GI:  Yes, De5tro is XOL for now since it’s always safe to have your own label to protect yourself.  We are mostly focusing on getting our media out of the way. (music videos / publicity stuff) and rehearsing for 3-4 months. So when we do get the chance to open for that big name we’re more than ready…dates TBA haha!  We’ll pop a new show here and there so just be on the lookout!

SF: Don’t mind the shameless self plug; we are excited to promote our talented friends. What’s your affiliation with a cutting edge artistic tastemaker such as SwitchFlip Media?

GI: My affiliation has always been active on the “now” and what’s “the most potent” my home boy Damon Howard has always represented that same outlook so we’ve coincided on this for years.

SF: What do you want to say to the world, in 3 sentences or less?

GI: No one is smarter you, and your not smarter than anyone.  Everyone has something special to share.  That’s what makes it (life/the world) beautiful…embracing our differences is the key to continue our own existence.

Catch De5tro Live at The Central in Santa Monica Saturday Sept 22nd at 8pm!  Click here for all info.  Be sure to check out there Facebook page and Reverb Nation.  Follow them on Twitter as well.  Pick up their De5tro’s debut EP for FREE! You ears will be and soul grateful!

-SwitchFlip Media

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