Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience


Sisters & Bredren,

I need rehabilitation from my Pusher Love Girl.  Time to throw on the Suit & Tie and hit the dance floor, cause I Don’t Hold The Wall up.  I see her smackin’ on Strawberry Bubblegum and I catch Tunnel Vision with images of ridin’ in a Spaceship Coupe with That Girl.  As we Let the Groove Get In, our kindred spirits share same reflection through each other’s eyes like Mirrors.  However, uncertainty via theory of relativity raises question to either ride the wave, or dive directly into the Blue Ocean Floor.

-D.Howard (SwitchFlip Media)

By now most of you have heard the new JT records (i.e. Suit and Tie) or at least seen him on countless television shows and award ceremonies, so our head honcho Damon Howard thought of doing something clever by writing a lovenote type piece that contains all of the titles on the album (above).  The album is a proper Soul/R&B throwback compared to the club banging former, which is a healthy direction for the more mature sounding Justin.  Questlove of The Roots and Okay Player wrote a very interesting review of the album on Okayplayer.com (click to peep), which also implies that the second LP will come out by November (2 10-song albums equal the 20/20 experience).  Justin has confirmed the second album, so you know it’s going down for sure.

Here’s an excerpt of what Questlove says that totally sums up how we feel here at the SwitchFlip Headquarters about the albums mature & soulful approach sonically:

“I admire the balls it took to make this record. cause he coulda easily urshurd his work in and made diplo his teddy riley to 20/20’s dangerous instead of sticking with timb’s Quincy.  I love the songs but was worried on how he will cut the prime rib to feed to toothless babies”  -Questlove

Pick up The 20/20 Experience on iTunes now.  A 12-city tour appropriately titled “Legends of the Summer” with Jay-Z will begin July 17th, so stay tuned!

-Switchflip Media


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