Oh Wonder: Lose it & Without You

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Happy Humpday Earthlings,

Oh Wonder has been destroying the first leg of their North American tour! The London-based Chillstep Electropop duo comprises of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, whom both sing lead and handle production.  Their debut self titled album was created over 12 month period, with the synthpop songbirds cranking out and releasing a “single” each month.  This clever style of releasing material gained a rapid following and critical acclaim in the UK, Europe and North America.  All live performance have sold out each venue in the US thus far, so you’ll have to catch them on the second half of the North American tour this spring.

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OW has cranked out creative videos to go along with their infections jams.  “Lose It” is a clever take on having dance auditions for the official video, where the subject auditioning has no idea they are being filmed as the leading ingredient.  Oh Wonder‘s first stateside television performance was January 20, 2016 on Conan.  “Without You” finds them hipster-hunting through NYC’s Brooklyn and Lower East Side in an attempt to rekindle love from distant relations.  You can feel how close the duo are in their connection and songwriting.  Every track was produced and recorded in their South-East London home. Snag a cyber copy of their chart-topping debut album here. Thank us later!  #switchflipcertified #ohwonder #switchflipmedia #loseit #withoutyou

Damon R. Howard

SwitchFlip Media

 “Lose It”


“Without You”

Click “Oh Wonder” Album below for music, merchandise and tour info


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