Radiohead: The Numbers & Burn The Witch


Happy Friday Earthlings,

Radiohead has returned with a stripped down video for their single “The Numbers!  The band’s usual suspects (aka collaborators)  Director Paul Thomas Anderson and producer Nigel Godrich are behind the camera and audio mixing board for this track.  The video’s vibe is basically Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood strum along and tinker with an analog beat machine (CR-78) as if they are alone initially creating the song somewhere remote on tour as a “making of ” or something less polished than what is the norm for new slick video releases. We dig the minimalist route for sure.  Maybe they are home in the UK and doing this in a remote location on a private property in the summertime? Regardless What is most intriguing is how Thom ends his vocal at the end of song with a weird “Probably”. That last quip leaves us hanging for interpretation, perhaps he means “probably will make the cut as a new song”?  Pretty cool idea to think they made a video for a finished song to be the “making of” the song.


We love Radiohead here at SwitchFlip Media, and this particular song below was one of the hits our resident DJ  (DAMEDIGI) performed in a medley remix as a headliner for MELT Festival last weekend to rave reviews from the crowd of national professional glass blowers and musicians.  “Burn The Witch delivers big for fans as a song on their latest project.  The video is a very original take on animation/claymation puppetry (ala Gumby) that compliments the actual audio as a storyline towards the end.  My Texas Peeps:  They are performing Austin City Limits tonight before a stint in Mexico! Check out these two videos when you get a chance.  Download their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool  and enjoy your weekend!

-Damon R. Howard


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