Sleigh Bells: I Can Only Stare & It’s Just Now


Sleigh Bells  (the Brooklyn based Noise-Pop duo) released an intense new video single “Can Only Stare” off of their latest album Jessica Rabbit.  Femme Fatale vocalist Alexis Krauss and grimey guitarist / producer Derek Edward Miller‘s 4th studio album will be their first published & distributed effort by their own label Torn Clean.  Derek also co-directed the new video.  Their experimental sound has always evolved with each album, while maintaining their root elements of dreamy / melancholy pop melodies & hooks over Hip-Hop flavored grunge metal rhythms.  This time you catch a mix of slick production, noise punk guitar and glitchy break beats (ala  first single “It’s Just Now“) with clean pop vocals crooning spooky-noir lyrics.  #sleighbells #jessicarabbit #icanonlystare  #itsjustnow #switchflipcertified

Damon R. Howard



“Comeback Kid” (2012)

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