J. Cole : False Prophets & Everybody Dies (Eyez Documentary)


SwitchFlip‘s Music Mondaze may not get any better than this!  Jermaine Lamarr Cole, aka J.Cole has dropped 2 new official video singles and a documentary for his upcoming 4th studio album 4 Your Eyez Only.  Roc Nation‘s flagship artist (besides their head honcho Jay Z) is critically acclaimed for his dual-threat artistry.  Not only has he consistently gone platinum with his ferocious production skills, but Cole’s lyrical prowess is notably and notoriously cut from the cloth of hip- hop purists.  The single “False Prophets” has the blogosphere buzzing due to the insinuated “diss shots” fired at Kanye West & Wale in consecutive verses. Regardless of the chatter, J.Cole pairs a 90’s inspired soulful track with insightful yet subliminal bars depicting his observant nature and dedication to the craft (albeit sneak diss or not).

The second single “Everybody Dies” comprises of a classic Minnie Ripperton sample in which A Tribe Called Quest flipped on “Lyrics To Go” from their Midnight Marauders album.  Cole lyrically sprints over the track with champion wordplay, challenging the “Lil Whatevers”  in today’s rap game. The song’s theme basically shames today’s rappers for having amateur skills at best.  Hip-Hop is a “contact sport”, so you better be ready to compete when the likes of Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and the OG Generals (ala Eminem, Jay Z, etc.) come for your head.   The video is raw with a simple pickup truck roll through Fayetteville, NC aka “Dreamville“.  Both videos and “Eyez” were directed by Scott Lazer.  Peep the 40-minute documentary below (filmed at Electric Lady Studios in NYC), which serves as a “making of the album” teaser.  You can download and/or stream “4 Your Eyez Only” when it hits cybershelves this Friday Dec 9th.

-Damon R. Howard


“False Prophets” (Official Video)

“Everybody Dies” (Official Video)


“Eyez” Documentary 2016






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