Childish Gambino: This Is America

Happy Hump Day Earthlings,

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino hits a homerun with his new video “This is America“. The triple threat Artist-Writer/Director-Actor/Musician effortlessly weaves a short cinematic masterpiece in a sparce yet effective music video fabric of prior & current affairs that plague our society.  Every frame is chock full of subtle but striking references (Jim Crow, Charleston Church Shooting, Flint Water Crisis, 60’s/70’s/80’s Blaxploitation, Horseman of the Apocalypse, desensitized kids from school shootings, etc).  From the African tribal Gwara Gwara dance, to the 80’s vintage cars and designer clothes, Gambino depicts the plight of African American Males caught in the trappings of drug kingpins and gun violence.  Brilliantly directed by Hiro Murai, this soon-to-be classic story is shot and edited in only 3 long takes, which gives the whole short film a seamless flow.

Most importantly, it is phenomenal to see current young artists raising the bar by being “woke” and socially conscious in today’s world of senseless and shallow secular Hip-Hop & Pop music genres. With his prolific output of culturally significant art, Donald Glover is shapeshifting into one of the most important artist of his generation. Be prepared for “This is America” to leave you speechless and uncomfortable in the greatest way art allows to shake your soul.

Damon R. Howard

PS: Attention all Star Wars nerds like us, Glover is also Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo film this spring.  Childish Gambino fans can catch him on the This Is America Tour this fall.

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