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What is SwitchFlip Media & The SwitchFlip?

SwitchFlip Media is a Creative Social Intelligence & Digital Media Marketing agency.  We specialize in Inbound/Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Branding, and Digital Marketing Project Management. Our service areas of focus revolve around the following industries: Entertainment, Real Estate, Restaurant & Hospitality, Retail and Small Business Marketing Solutions.  We also go “in-house” as a Marketing Contractor /Consultant or Freelance Project Management for a wider range of businesses on both coasts.

TheSwitchFlip is (a music, entertainment, technology and design blog) established in 2009. It was rebranded and created from Damon Howard’s original East Coast music production & promotions company Elix-R Entertainment circa 2005. 



SwitchFlip is the brainchild of Damon R. Howard, a multi-talented artist/musician/marketing guru headquartered in Venice Beach, California. Originally from the Surburban Philadelphia area, Damon earned a living as an Advertising & Marketing Director for his area’s leading entertainment variety magazine. (2003-2006). Still yearning to blend art and music on a higher level, he launched Elix-R Entertainment with a successful music event series called “Loaded” on the east coast (2004-2006). Once reaching Los Angeles’ Westside, Elix-R was organically rebranded as SwitchFlip (a music, entertainment, tech and design blog). What prompts a coastal transplant (right before today’s tough economic times) you may ask? It is simple. An entertainment marketing guru such as Damon “Zambezi” Howard needs to swim with the sharks! But seriously, check the pedigree below…..

In the late 90’s he toured the United States extensively as a signed musician w/ The Verge (Big Deal/Caroline Records) and fell in love with L.A.’s artistic freedom of expression. After relocating to the Venice area in 2000 with a new act he produced called Comet vs. Planet, Damon began his entertainment marketing quest by working with ABC Television & Radio Networks (2000-2002). When working under the Alternative  & Comedy  Series Development department, he had a chance to submerge himself as an executive director’s assistant roll for many well known series such as “Dharma and Greg”, “Two Guys and a Girl”, “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”, “The Mole” , “Making The Band ” Series 1, etc.

After a year of the TV side of ABC, Damon then found his way under the “audio” umbrella of Disney/ABC Radio  with KABC & KLOS Networks .  Just as his momentum was flourishing,  a family tragedy right around the 9/11 terrorist attacks derailed the mission.  He then decided to venture back east to the  southern suburban Philadelphia  area to regroup with his roots.  As the Phoenix arisen from the ashes, Mr. Howard continued to progress in his entertainment marketing career with Out&About Magazine (2003-2006), Loaded Music Series (5-part Original Band Showcase series 2005-2006), and even starting a new Independent Music and Film Expo in Venice aptly titled “VFMX” (to inaugurate his relocation to LA in 2007).  Once settled on the Westside of Los Angeles, Damon teamed up with various film directors (Jonas Morales, Knoko Chappelle, Anthony Mandler) and music video projects in 2007 to present. This led to the opportunity to work with/on projects such as music videos for Justin Bieber (“As Long as You Love Me”), Muse (“Madness”), LMFAO (“Sorry For Party Rocking”),  Snoop Dogg (“Boss’ Life” and VH1 reality show “Snoop Dogg’s Doggfatherhood”).

Damon implemented the Website Development department of his company by working for an international web development house called imFORZA Internet Marketing/ The Design People, Inc. (2008-2010). This has lead to his recent affiliation with Smarter Social Media, in which he is Managing Director (2010-2012).  Mr. Howard has been forging a creative assault on “the industry” with his distinctive flair for Content Marketing,  Music Media Marketing, Advertising, Branding, and . Now blending his 11-Year veteran marketing/design skills with his extensive music production and event planning expertise, Damon R. Howard & newly rebranded “SwitchFlip Media” presents Creative Digital Media Marketing for companies on both coasts!

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105 thoughts on “Switchflip?

  1. D How,

    Looking good here, my friend! Are you finding wordpress easy to use? I just restarted my wordpress blog again. Check it out and let me know if you want me to put switchflip on my blogroll. You will be missed this weekend at Point-to-Point.


    1. zambezivenice May 1, 2009 — 7:27 PM

      hey man, sorry, grinding away at the day gig….web development (see link on blog).

      Nice jamie; glad to hear you like site. Your daughter is getting big! Your site is sweet too…let’s add links.

      Tear up P2P for me! Cheers,

      The Venice Menace

    1. zambezivenice May 1, 2009 — 7:28 PM

      Yeah bro! Oh, you can just click the link under the photo…on the title.

      Actually, I’ll see if I can fix the photo hotlink now as well.


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