Franchesca Leigh: Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

Happy Friday Earthlings,

I’m sure you are all aware of the various internet memes playing off of the “shit people say..” and “shit people don’t say”, etc. Well check this out. This shit is funny, no matter what people say. It’s not actually being racist, it’s a parody of the “Shit Girls Say” episode skits.  Those who know SwitchFlip personally will understand that this is all in good humor, as we are the last people on earth to support racisim.  Take a peep, get a laugh, and lend us your thoughts.  Have a great weekend!

-SwitchFlip Media

1 thought on “Franchesca Leigh: Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

  1. Too funny…my co-workers and I were having the discussion of Brillo Pads at work this week. In addition, I will ask my black girl friends, can I do your hair? They look at me like I am SO WHITE! Thanks for the laugh SwitchFlip!

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