Yasiin Bey: N****s in Poorest

Happy Leap Year Day,

I’m pretty sure most people know by now that Mos Def has abandoned his stage name as of 2012.  Under the new moniker Yasiin Bey, Mos Def will release new music on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.  Perhaps that statement proves an insight over the whole drama about his version of The Throne’s  “Ni**as in Paris, entitled “N***s in Poorest“.  Very socio-economic and politically driven, this clever song is an “interpolation” of Jay-Z & Kanye‘s big concert anthem.  Released to coincide w/ the 47th anniversary of Malcom X‘s assassination, Yassin kills it with the poignant lyrics in stark contrast to The Throne’s verses.  After reading many debates, we’ve come to the conclusion that we agree most with Young Guru (Jay-Z’s longtime engineer and Philly area native).  Check what he has to say out after the video.  After Yasiin and Talib performed as Black Star on mega-talk shows like The Colbert Report, we know the world is waiting for new Bey/Def & Black Star material this year.  As a #SwitchFlip Certified bonus, we added a new track called “You Already Knew” as well!

-SwitchFlip Media

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