Zoe Bell is the “Angel of Death”


is the

Angel of Death”

Zoe Bell: Angel Of Death

Zoe Bell: Angel Of Death

Man, check this out. Sony Pictures and Crackle.com have put out some awesome film work on the site http://www.crackle.com! You gotta check out my girl Zoe Bell in her first starring role as Eve, in “Angel Of Death”. She kicks major ass, as usual. We were lucky enough to throw back some tequila shots with Zoe and the Crew and peep 10 webisodes at Sony Studios’ screening premiere last night in Culver City. Oh what a night!

Anyhow, no need for me to give you the full schpiel…check out http://www.Crackle.com for yourself, and peep a few webisodes!

New webisodes each Monday! If you are looking for more action by this high impact Starlett, tune in for sure!

I am Eve
I am Eve

Big Ups:

Paul Etheredge – Buried Alive IMDB

Ed Brubaker (screenplay) – Captain America, Criminal IMDB

Zoe Bell – Death Proof, Kill Bill IMDB
Lucy Lawless – “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica” IMDB
Doug Jones – 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hellboy IMDB
Ted Raimi – Spider-Man, Evil Dead IMDB
Jake Abel – The Lovely Bones IMDB
Vail Bloom – “The Young and the Restless” IMDB
Brian Poth – “CSI: Miami” IMDB
Justin Huen – “Weeds” IMDB

L8r H8rs!


2 thoughts on “Zoe Bell is the “Angel of Death”

  1. Cool man, glad you enjoyed it! I was there too last night…looked great on that big screen huh?

    Thanks for spreading the word!

    1. Right on Chad! Great times for sure! I will continue to spread the good word. Talk soon! Damon

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